The Lucky Cat

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Lucky Cat

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  Review by Rainbow Gold Reviews

The humor in this book was the first thing to grab my attention. It was unexpected but very welcome. It made me connect with Landry from the start and Gage was a close second. I appreciated that Gage didn’t try to hide his dominant side or his attraction to Landry and enjoyed the way Landry tried to resist his approach.

Once Landry and Gage had their first date though he was all in and I love that in a character. The BDSM elements were evident but light in comparison to some of the recent books I’ve read. However, I’d like to stare that no two BDSM relationships are the same and just because CBT isn’t in the story it doesn’t make the exchange any less powerful.

I enjoyed the mystery and suspense and was fully invested in these guys solving the case.

Now, the secondary characters… man, I really, really hope there will be another story about James and Tad.

I didn’t expect to fall into the story so easily but it was written so well that I could barely put it down.  Thank highly recommend this book!

  Review by Bayou Book Junkie

First of all, how pretty are the moving covers Pride Publishing is using now? I’ve seen a couple and the one for The Lucky Cat is especially beautiful with the twinkling diamond. It’s definitely eye-catching.

Second, this book has some BDSM, but it’s unlike any other I’ve read. I will admit I’m not much for hardcore BDSM, so this one was right up my alley. There’s spanking and edging, but it’s well-balanced with the growing relationship between Gage and Landry. They click instantly and I just loved the dynamics of their relationship. It’s fast, but relationships with power exchange are usually more intense, especially since there’s a lot of trust involved.

Landry is sarcastic and irreverent and fun and Gage isn’t the stuffy kind of detective or Dom, so they complement each other perfectly. Yes, Gage put some limits, but they weren’t set in stone. They were scorching hot together, too, which doesn’t hurt, but they also had fun both in and out of the bedroom, even during scenes.

I’m really intrigued by James, so I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

The case was interesting and the mystery portion was well-written, fast-paced, and action-packed. Landry and Gage were amazing and even James, who is a bit of a charismatic villain, was great. This is definitely a book I will hopefully be reading again in the future. Highly recommendable!

  Review by Veroinca at Wicked Reads Reviews

Antique shop assistant Landry meets police detective Gage when he comes to Landry’s work looking for stolen jewelry. Sparks fly between them right from the get go, and the banter between them and the interactions were enchanting. Every time Gage called Landry a brat, I felt like it was said with a smile and adoration. I totally fell in love with this couple.

Sexy M/M BDSM romance with a hot detective, stolen jewels, a mysterious British investigator, Yakuza, and the threat of danger not too far away make for a fun, exciting, and sexy story. It is fast paced, and as more people come to Landry looking for missing jewels he knows nothing about, the danger level goes up. But even with danger, violence, and gunshots, this story always had a lightness about it.

In some stories you read with crime solving or mystery, the romance is a secondary story, but not here. The relationship between these men is pivotal and the romance and sexy times were woven throughout the story as Gage and Landry fall in love while trying to keep Landry safe and out of trouble.

I had an absolute ball reading The Lucky Cat. It is a fantastic start to a new series and while I’m looking forward to reading the next book, this one was so much fun I kind of want to go back and read it all over again.

  Review by The Faerie Review

The Lucky Cat is thrilling and hot. I absolutely LOVED this book! It's the right mix of thriller and sex. You immediately fall in love with Landry and Gage. They're  absolutely perfect for each other, and you can't help but hold your breath a little when Landry accidentally steps into the line of fire. Highly recommend, I would rate higher if I could.

  Review by OMGReads

A nice mystery, a little shooting, broken glass, and stolen jewels made this an interesting story. Not a lot of background but that didn’t detract from the book. Not much angst and some great kink made this a fun book.

I love a bratty sub and Landry was the brattiest. Gage definitely had his hands full.

“Landry wasn’t the black sheep of his family—more like the kinky rainbow lamb everyone wanted to protect”.

  Review by Zakarrie C

The Lucky Cat is a delightful story, witty and warm with a twist in its tale. It has an atmosphere that evokes a 1960’s crime caper; pairing a kooky hero(ine) with a gruff alpha male along the lines of Charade. Landry and Gage may well have been Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant reimagined; their banter was one of my favourite things. The antiques shop itself was the other, depicted so wonderfully well I could almost smell the beeswax.  

Landry’s inner-dialogue is a treat to read and I adored his observations and tongue-in-cheek takes on the other characters along the way. The antiques shop setting lends this story a charm as unique as Landry’s own. I adored the store and the foibles of its owner—the irascible Mr Lao—described with such incorrigible aplomb by Landry that his boss felt very present, despite the fact he wasn’t.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery, the unfolding of the plot is p’raps more important than the solving of it. As the key to unlocking this story’s secrets is telegraphed from the start, I doubt that a reader will remain in the dark until its denouement. That said, discerning its location didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book one bit. It was spending time with the characters that made this story hum along so well, rather than the cogs clicking into place aspect of it.

  Review by Rachel Reed Reviews

This was a compelling romantic suspense with an interesting plot and likeable characters. I liked that despite having an instant attraction, the build up to Landry and Gage's relationship wasn't rushed. I especially loved that this was written in dual POV and we could get into the headspace of both our characters.

Overall an interesting read and I absolutely recommend it if you like a good mystery served with a dash of romance.

  Review by Making it Happen

Take one bratty, snarky shop assistant and add one just as snarky copy who just happens to also be a Dom, then toss in an international mystery that just so happens to bring them together…there’s your setup for The Lucky Cat.  Landry is one very lucky guy to have Gage brought to his doorstep.
Now when I say snarky, I mean cover-to-cover and not just from the main characters Landry and Gage.  Sarcasm, snark, and smart-ass comebacks can be found coming from the supporting characters as well.  At times it teetered on the edge of going overboard, but I’m letting that go just because of the number of times the author made me giggle-snort.  And admittedly it did makes Landry’s brat aspect funny, and I was always waiting to see just how far he would push Gage.
if the witty banter doesn’t pull you in, the intrigue of the case in which Landry finds himself embroiled will certainly do the trick.  Plus there’s the uncertainty surrounding James Ellery’s character to keep you on your toes as well.  If that’s not enough, the intimate scenes between Landry and Gage should keep you fanning yourself for a while.
The storyline is solid and everything progresses at an even rate.  Landry and Gage are attracted to each other from the start, and while this is not really insta-love, it could be viewed as lust at first sight that eventually morphs into a more solid, lasting relationship.  
The Lucky Cat was a very solid 4-star read for me, pushing towards 4.5.  I really enjoyed reading this, and would definitely recommend it.  If you like bratty subs and Doms that keep them in line, this story will be right up your alley.  Adult language and sexual content make this story one for readers 18+.

  Review by Denise at Two Chicks Obsessed

I actually really loved the story…in fact, I would love to see these two have their own ongoing series (I don’t know what book 2 looks like, other than who might be the MC’s), as they are great fun together, and I loved their personalities. Landry is a HUGE brat, and Gage can handle him in most areas, but Landry’s bratiness shines right through. I thought they were very good together, and enjoyed their snarky discussions.

Poor Landry had way more than he could handle having to take care of an antique store he knew little about, and it kept being drawn into the fray of an international ring. There is a “surprise” character who continually turns up, and I’m curious to see how he is or is not redeemed, very intriguing.

I really enjoyed this story a lot, and am looking forward to more in this series, as I really like this author’s writing style.

  Review by Jerri at Love Shack Romance Readers

Cute and snarky. Landry is a brat, as Gage frequently observes.
There’s mystery and mild BDSM. Definitely not a slow burn! All in all, a low stress, enjoyable read

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