Mermen & Magic: Part One: A Box Set

L.M. Brown

Customer & Industry Reviews of Mermen & Magic: Part One: A Box Set

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  Review by Susan

I received a copy of Mermen & Magic: Part One: A Box Set by L. M. Brown from Pride Publishing in exchange for an honest review. After being exposed to the paranormal world via vampires and werewolves, I now look for books with different species and mermen are a pleasant change of pace. The fact they have to go to land to have sex even among themselves is a nice twist on their biology. Adding in the lost city of Atlantis allows for a whole mythos about that world and its pantheon of gods and goddesses. I enjoyed the first book because it included humans as important characters who alter the lives of the mers they are involved with. These characters reoccur in the next two books in minor roles but the emphasis is on the mer culture. These books focus on two mermen who have lived different lives but wind up being perfect for each other. While it is best to read the series in order, the author does resolve the main issues facing their protagonists in each book.

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