Leopard's Spots: Part Three: A Box Set

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Leopard's Spots: Part Three: A Box Set

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  Review by Susan

I received a copy of Leopard’s Spots: Part Three by Bailey Bradford from Pride Publishing in exchange for an honest review. In this collection of four stories, there are two I really enjoyed. I thought Justice/Paul’s book dealt fairly realistically with Paul’s PTSD and made his mating to a leopard not unbelievable since it wasn’t all sunshine and flowers. The one I liked best was Cliff’s tale, as we got to know his background and how it made him who he is. The choice of his mate was unexpected (at least by me) and yet it fit him so well. Although there was some darkness in this story, it was my favorite of the series. However, there was also the story I liked least of all in the series, that of Sabin. It was pure BDSM from the beginning, which does not appeal to me. I’m glad that the author’s later books come with trigger warnings if BDSM is included, so I can avoid those. In this case, that seems to mean I won’t be reading any more of their feline shifter books.

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