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  Review by love bytes reviews

I really am enjoying this series, but if there was ever a book that needed another way to punch people, this is it. Lol. sheesh. What is it with stupid exes and stupid homophobic morons? Mercy. But I love that the lgbt community is pulling together like a family more and more. They deserve the right to love, marriage and children like anyone else and they are going to prove it one way or another. And not be run off by people who are close minded and spiteful. Adrien has been lost for at least 2 years. Since he divorced his ex, he’s been working nonstop and trying to be a dad to his 4 year old son, but doesn’t know how. Thanks to his mother not being a great role model. full review @

  Review by Didi

I like the general idea of the story, but I don’t like it as much as I thought I will. Told from dual alternate POVs between the two leading men, the backstory of Adrien and Nathan gave insight to where the men came from; their fear and scar from past relationship. The MCs had opposing characters, but I felt them rather uninspiring and for all the intention of the story to sound like the attraction was off chart, the exchange between them sounds stilted - and not in a cute way. Although they were aware how fast their budding romance escalating and thrown by the momentum. As much I’d love for this pair to start their HEA, I also prefer to enjoy the progress rather than the snappy rate these two take. Other than the instant romance, there were a number of interesting and potential issues happening here, such as the douchebag exes and the anti-LGBTQ movement. Too bad these issue were not fully addressed or resolved and kinda left hanging like a potential disaster for other upcoming book.

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