Searching for Shelter

Morticia Knight

Customer & Industry Reviews of Searching for Shelter

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  Review by love bytes reviews

This is book six in the Sun City Uniforms series and is a re-release. I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first time. This re-edited and extended version was awesome. The changes were subtle, but noticeable. The story still flowed well, the characters still engaging. I didn’t like the new cover as much as I liked the first edition’s cover but it was still beautiful. Diego was so much more…sexier in this version. Don’t get me wrong, he was just as sexy in the first version but in this one, it was more sensuous, the seduction slower. Review posted at

  Review by Anabela.m

I admit that Searching for Shelter took me a bit by surprise,because Morticia Knight amped up the sweetness for this story. I'm not saying it's a bad thing,only that it was a bit more than I'm used to finding in this author's books. Diego and Rich connect almost instantly, and it's soon obvious that they're perfect for each other. They're definitely more than compatible in bed,and the sex scenes in the book were scorching hot. So when a murderer wants to take Rich down,it's only natural that,for his safety, he should move to Diego's place, right? And to keep living there indefinitely once the risk is taken out. I might think they're moving a bit too fast,but hey,if it works for them... Searching for Shelter is a fast,easy to read story. A combination of sweetness, the right amount of spicy passion,a touch of danger... absolutely worth reading.

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