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Jesse and Ezra have been seeing each other for more than half a year – a chance meeting at a local gay bar in Brighton and Jesse gets Ezra’s number. He’s surprised when Ezra agrees to go out with him and continues to be surprised when Ezra keeps saying yes. He lives across from Jesse’s firehouse and they are still going strong. But Jesse has a lot of issues and so does Ezra it seems. When Ezra convinces Jesse to go home with him for his Nan’s birthday and Jesse gets to see first hand how screwed up Ezra’s family is and learns of the tragedy that continues to tear them – and Ezra – apart, he’s stunned. His own family was a huge mess – something he’s not revealed either. But he’s still shocked at the nasty turn the family visit takes. Then there’s the “perfect” ex-boyfriend. And eventually Ezra confesses that the ex was must more serious than he’d even imagined. And of course this sets off Jesse’s low self-esteem issues. full review on

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