Trusting Him

L.M. Somerton

Customer & Industry Reviews of Trusting Him

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  Review by love bytes reviews

The characters in this series are so loveable. They have such a broad range of personalities. The writing is so fun and I love the in depth approach to the BDSM lifestyle. Every lifestyle in the community is different. There are no two alike, and it’s fun to see each couple with such different kinks and such. Carey has his hands in the matchmaking pie again. He doesn’t want his manager of the Retreat, Luke, to not be lonely and he has the perfect sub for him. Sweet, innocent and shy. And a longing to a good sub to a good Dom. He’s not good around a lot of people and The Retreat would be a better place for him anyway, away from the bustle of the city. And Luke is very intrigued. His protective instinct kicking in the moment he lays eyes on the beauty that is Skye. Skye is nervous about working at the Retreat, but something in Luke is calming to him. Luke has a way of causing Skye’s focus to sharpen so he can concentrate.

  Review by Becca

I LOVE this series. I really do. I love how all the characters intertwine and it was so good to see Goren making a guest appearance. I’m hoping he will have his story soon, too. Rayne is still the little mischief maker and now we get to meet a sweet, shy Skye. He’s so adorable and innocent. full review at

  Review by Trio

Passionate and alluring, with some poignant events along the way, L.M. Somerton’s novel Trusting Him is a true romantic indulgence. While this is the second book in the The Retreat series, and a spin-off of the Edge series, it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a standalone. Just a warning though, once you’ve read Trusting Him, I think you’re going to want more.

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