Blood Vigilance

J.P. Bowie

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  Review by Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews

This book has been long awaited—by me especially! And of course, this author did not disappoint with this latest installment to this series. I’ve been reading this author’s work for years and his books in general—his vampires specifically—get better and better with each book, which you would think is impossible seeing as his work is already superb. I’ve missed these particular vampires—Marcus Verano and his mate Roger.

This story—like the others in this series, in this world—has it all: action, adventure, passion, romance…you immediately become immersed in this series within the first page of each book.

This story though, I am shocked to say that I actually didn’t side with Marcus Verano and his cohorts. I sided with the villainess Leah. I completely understood where she was coming from and the reasons for her actions. It’s like when I watched Black Panther. Although I was rooting for King T’Challa and the Dora Milage, I also understood what drove Kilmonger to be who he was and do the things that he did. It’s the same with Leah. Sometimes situations aren’t always black and white. There’s a whole gray area in between that must also be considered into the equation. And that’s what happens in this book. The author did a fantastic job of writing his characters and laying out this storyline to show all sides of human interaction—the good, the bad and the absolute ugly and shows different reactions to the ugliness.

When an artist’s work affects how feel, then you know that person is a master at their craft. While reading this book, I completely felt Leah’s rage and frustration in my spirit while at the same time understanding Marcus’s choice to deal with the so called humans without the violence, rage and vengeance.

This book is absolutely amazing. I ADORE this author’s vampire characters. Bowie and Anne Rice are my absolute go to authors for vampire characters and storylines.

This book is as amazingly written as the others in this series. I highly recommend book, this series, this author.

Outstanding job, Mr. Bowie. Outstanding.

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