Different Suits

Carol Lynne

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  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

Carol Lynne's Poker Night: Different Suits is a tantalizing addition to the series...For those who have enjoyed Ms. Lynne's fantastic series of the year, you don't want to miss this book, and for newcomer's you're in for a treat.

  Review by Literary Nymphs

As always the characters are strongly written, with their emotions coming through clearly and realistically from the beginning...This is definitely not a book to be missed.

  Review by Hayley

Carol Lynne's amazing writing takes us to another level in the Poker Nights Series. A Late reader of the series, I literally read thru the whole series in one day! Angelo and Moddy's (Juan) story was action-packed, sexy and loving. Angelo thinks he knows his type of man, yet Moody sparks something with him that he can't seem to walk away from. After being involved in Trey's court battle, he is being harassed and coming from the streets Angelo thinks he can handle himself. Little does he know Moody is still on the case and looking for any excuse to hang with Angelo. Moody is the tough guy and elicits fear from everyone except Angelo. Watch sparks fly when these two have to fight off the bad guys and each other. Incredible story!

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

As a follower of the Poker Nightseries Different Suits was worth reading for the interesting characters and just to catch up with the boys until the next installment...Different Suits is definitely a good read for followers of the series.

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