Facing Fears

Morticia Knight

Customer & Industry Reviews of Facing Fears

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  Review by Nicole

This was a good story, really enjoyed it [and] how the misunderstanding was worked out. Was a good ending to the side story of Mike Warren and Barry who had kidnapped Corey in previous storyline. Great book well worth the read.

  Review by Wicked Reads

I'm loving every book this is series, it is my guilty pleasure...

Another enjoyable and action-packed adventure in a very good series. Thank you, Ms. Knight.

  Review by Love Bytes

I love this series. Her writing style is fantastic. Her editing is always spot on, the overall presentations (covers, fonts,colors) are always beautifully uniform. Her books are the perfect length and her storylines are always consistent. She seamlessly transitions from one book to the other with no plot holes. Her ability to keep you entertained by having multiple events going on in the background while mantaining the focus on the MCs is brilliant.

I highly recommend this author as well as this series.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

It takes something pretty special to keep my attention through seven books in a series, and Morticia Knight has more than accomplished that with her ‘Kiss of Leather’ novels. I have fallen for many men in these books and suffered with them through their pain... An awesome addition to the series!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This story is addicting, once you start it you will be tied down with it until you finish it.  Hunter and Tobie are perfect for each other.  Their kinks line up, and so do their personalities.  As they work through the speedbumps that life has thrown at them, the dynamic between them changes for the better. When life makes everything harder, love or fate is their to help you deal!

  Review by The Kimi-chan Experience

This great book is the 7th entry in Morticia Knight’s sensuous and sexy series Kiss of Leather... I really enjoyed seeing the whole gang make an appearance in this story, getting a quick glimpse into how each of the couples are doing... Reading this series has been a fantastic journey.

  Review by Jessie G Books

The sweet and sexy are there, as is an adorable awkwardness, and an assured HEA... A lovely installment that ties up a lot of plot lines [and] provides a happy ending for multiple couples.

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