The Running Fields

Sydney Presley

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Running Fields

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

It is well written; the characters are entertaining and lively...I think this is a good book...

  Review by Alpha Book Club

The scenes characterizing Ansgar’s naiveté is absolutely enjoyable and elicited more than a few giggles. His straightforward attitude to the sensual acts of pleasing Ben is heartwarming. The relationship is a mixture of joy and rapture for the mated pair. Although the tale seems murky in some scenes, delightful love enters in surprising ways.

  Review by S.E.X Reviews

The Running Fields by Sydney Presley took an interesting spin on shifters and shifter life... I enjoyed Ansgar's eagerness to learn and his wonder in every new experience... Ms. Presley always delivers new and interesting ideas in her writing, something I appreciate as a reader.

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