My Highland Cowboy

Alexa Milne

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  Review by S.E.X Review

Drew and Duncan lit the scenery and pages with Ms. Milne's eloquent writing and creative story telling. Together the men radiated beauty and affection.The secondary characters added depth to the story and I hope to see many more books transpire from this one... My Highland Cowboy was a lovely read and should not be missed.


  Review by Books Laid Bare Boys

Who doesn't love a cowboy... this definitely hit the spot. This is the sort of book that I couldn't put down and honestly some of the moments these two shared were amazingly hot!!!

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

My Highland Cowboy had so many of my love buttons in it, I don’t even know where to start. I love opposites who attract, but also complement, cowboys, snark, Scotsman, Brits, kilts and a well-earned HEA. Drew, Duncan and I got it all in the Highlands... It wasn’t an easy road to an HEA for these guys, but it wasn’t overly angsty either. Thankfully! The journey and the bit of back and forth made the HEA more believable and while it did evolve pretty quickly once the time came, the compromises were legit for their lifestyles and I was all kinds of happy for them.

  Review by Padmes Library

Cowboys, the Scottish Highlands, opposites attract, comedy, romance, heat, family.  What's not to love?  My Highland Cowboy has it all and even though it is packed full of a little bit of everything it doesn't lose its heart.  Will their chemistry be enough to overcome the location logistics? Well, for that answer you will have to give My Highland Cowboy a read for yourself but I can safely and honestly tell you that you will not regret it.

Having a story that can both break your heart and warm it on the same page is not easy and shows real talent by the author, as is having just the right amount of angst mixed into a lighthearted read.

  Review by Making it Happen Book Blog

My Highland Cowboy is one of those stories that’s just right, with the perfect balance of… well, just about everything.  Wonderful setting, characters I adored and in whom I became invested, just the right amount of angst, and some hot and sexy intimate scenes thrown in for good measure.  This is definite re-read material, and though this is the first book I’ve read by this author, I’m now adding a whole bunch more of her books to my list! It is very well written with a good hook to keep your attention, and the chemistry between Duncan and Drew is quite obvious and definitely sizzling... feeling their love as well as their aching from being apart was what kept me riveted to the pages.

  Review by Heather York

My Highland Cowboy is packed full of a little bit of everything yet it doesn't lose its heart. The whole idea of a City Slickers style ranch in Scotland is an interesting setting to bring main characters Duncan and Drew together for a family and friends wedding. The old adage sometimes you have to give to get, well that is what Duncan and Drew are facing if they want to be together and watching them deny what they feel is more than a fling is a bit heartbreaking but seeing their family and friends rally around them, or at least try to, is heartwarming. Having a story that can both break your heart and warm it on the same page is not easy and shows real talent by the author.

  Review by Wicked Reads

This is a very enjoyable read...Ms. Milne has created a story which hangs together really well...Overall a good read, with some lovely scenes and fabulous side characters – thank you, Ms. Milne.

  Review by Joyfully Jay

The plot itself is wonderful in its simplicity... just two guys who are attracted to each other, trying to navigate their worlds when they are so very different from one another. Add in kilts, lacy men’s underwear, and some Highland cows, and you have a nice story. And if there is a sequel in the making with two secondary MCs, then I’ll definitely read it.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This is a great story that I found intriguing, the idea of a Scottish cowboy was just fascinating and having a fashion designer as his love interest was delicious... The story is perfectly written with it being a sweet romance with just an added dash of angst, the relationship is fast paced but it felt natural. Duncan and Drew just fit perfectly together making it seem natural for them to fall for each other so quickly. I enjoyed this story and thought that it was a great read; it’s perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun where we get a huge dose of romance shot through with hot sex.  

  Review by Divine Magazine

My Highland Cowboy is an interesting twist on the usually-American-set ranch story... The chemistry is strong, and their intimacy was very hot! The dialogue is engaging, the humor is strong, and the story pulls you deeply into their world. A solid, fun read... recommending it for anyone on the lookout for depth and humor with love woven throughout.  I’m fast becoming a fan of Alexa Milne, and this is just another shining example of why!

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