Harey Situation

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Harey Situation

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  Review by The Jeep Diva

Harey Situation is the second book in Bailey Bradford’s city shifters series and it’s a fun, entertaining ride! This series is unusual in it’s shifter pairings and I love it! The first book was about a pronghorn and a bear and the shifters in this book are a snake and a hare! Very unusual and done very well! If you like a paranormal read that has a bit out-of-the-box type shifters, then you need to check out this city shifters series! The mystery, humor, and the sizzling chemistry will keep you glued until the very end!

  Review by The Blogger Girls

Bailey Bradford is great at giving us shifters who SHIFT! It seems obvious, but many shifter books do not capitalize (IMHO) enough on the animal side of their nature and ignore the obvious (and cool!) things that they could do with their characters. In this case, we get a very horny rabbit and a calm, cool, and seductive snake. They use their animal characteristics as humans and have some particular traits that they carry over from their animal sides. Yesssssss! There is a scene with a forked tongue!

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

The City Shifters series is totally my jam in the shifter genre. I’m not a fan of stories that take themselves too seriously with an OTT Alpha and a textbook omega twink. I like stories with snark and a twist to the formula and that’s exactly what Bailey Bradford delivers with the City Shifters...I’m geared up for book 3 when it comes along and I’m anxiously waiting for what the next shifters have in store for me.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Want a good interesting story to read, this is your book.  It has funny parts and scary ones. A shifter story when prey and predator come together and all is not what it seems.

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