The Pill Bugs of Time

Angel Martinez

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Pill Bugs of Time

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

In a series, especially when the characters are the same and the premise is built on a concept, you don’t know how similar or different the books will be within it. I have to say brava to Martinez for how amazingly different the books are, while still staying true to their premise. Another fantastic book... I’ll be interested to see where Martinez takes us next!

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I simply love this story. It has time travel, weird creatures, paranormal aspects and two lovers who are still feeling each out all the while confronting threats as they appear. A page turner and a story that enthrals you from start to finish. I loved it.

  Review by Angel Martinez

The book balances the mundane, the unbelievable and the absurd, weaving them into a story that could very easily have been either messy and confusing, or cliché. However, in this case the weave is masterful and the book amused, captivated and, as a writer, impressed me. The use of language is rich and poetic…and often very funny.

 I not only loved, but was impressed by everything in both books. I’m very glad I got to read and review them and I will be looking out for any more in this series or by this author generally.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy

So much fun! I think I said that about the first book... well, it still applies! I am 100% in with this series after this second installment. I liked the first book, but I loved this second book.

I simply adore Vikash and Kyle. Their chemistry and their humor is spot on. They are a fantastic duo and I'm so happy with the direction of their relationship. Even though the world-building is a little out there, these guys felt so real. They have real problems and they way they dealt with them felt so natural.

We have the same cast of wacky characters from the first book, snark and humor, and a lovely relationship between two paranormal misfits. I can't wait to get my hands on more of this series. 
Goodness. I hope there's another book coming. Please and thank you.

  Review by Gay Book Reviews

I still really enjoy the way the author writes and the zaniness of her stories, which IMO makes it fun to read. Not to mention, the witty banter and sarcasm between all the characters. I feel that I am not only invested in Kash and Kyle, but all the characters at the 77th Precinct. Oh, and I am glad that leather jacket reappeared in this book, and by the looks of it might have more of a role in the future.

I really did love the time travel aspect of this book, with her many detailed scenes; it was pretty cool... it was a great read and I cannot wait for what is next!

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

I recommend both books in the series. They are cute, quirky, fast reads, and I really liked both!

  Review by Gay Book Reviews

This was a bit more serious than book one as the reader gets a deeper look into what makes Vikash tick. I enjoyed seeing the book from his POV, as a relative newcomer to the special unit and how he interacts with everyone. I thought the use of time travel to drive home the point that he can’t be afraid of what others think was well done.

Ultimately, another very enjoyable paranormal read from Ms. Martinez. A great cast of characters, a nicely written emotional tug and pull between Kyle and Vikash, all balanced out with just a touch of suspense.

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