Grand Opening

Morticia Knight

Customer & Industry Reviews of Grand Opening

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  Review by Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

I really enjoyed this book; it gave us a look at the couples from the previous books but also a chance to look into Josh and David’s relationship. 

We got to see this story from many points of view, the previous couples and also Josh and David’s which helps to give the reader a chance to see how an existing relationship can look from all sides.  I could feel how David thought his life was falling apart and how devastated Josh was when he finally had a reality check for the state of his relationship.  I look forward to more books in this series while they work to find more information on Corey’s abuse.


  Review by Diverse Reader

Grand Opening is book 4 in Morticia Knight’s Kiss of Leather series. I will say this series is likely my favorite BDSM series. Each book follows another couple but they are all entwined.

Morticia balances it all incredibly. I was never confused and completely invested. She follows the BDSM rules to a T and the amount of respect she gives it is awe-inspiring. 

Josh and David’s story is heart breaking and heartwarming. It shows another side of the lifestyle I haven’t seen that often in the BDSM stories I’ve read and I loved that.
This is a must read series!


  Review by Molly Lolly Reviews

I have been waiting for Josh and David to have a story since the beginning. You could tell there was more going on with them. I was not disappointed. We get to see everything come to a head and then see how happy they are at the end. I adore these two together and am so glad they get a happy ending. We also get to catch up with all of the other couples. It was nice getting to see the other guys one more time and know they’re still solidly in love and happy together.

  Review by Wicked Reads

This is the fourth book in the series, and does need to be read in order to fully appreciate the dynamics and plot lines. They are all excellent reads, so this would be no hardship at all! 

Grand Opening is wrapped up in some great writing, some steamy and erotic scenes that these masters think up for their subs, and some warm and caring loving that men find with each other. Yum!


  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

Angie: Good series and a good addition to the series. I love each couple in this series and I am glad we get to see a bit of each of them in every book. I adore David and I felt all his emotions and really connected with him. Gavin has always been a favorite of mine and he just proves to be an all-around amazing person. I love Marshall and Stone too….holy hotness. I do enjoy the elements of angst and drama with the whole mystery surrounding the kidnapping. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Avid Reader: 

I have read all of the books in this series and have enjoyed them all.  This didn’t disappoint, but it was definitely not what I expected.

I really enjoyed the dynamic of this story.  It was a different side to the relationships that I was used to reading about.

The chemistry is amazing throughout the story – it’s not necessarily the sexual chemistry, but the relationship chemistry is intense.

Knight keeps you guessing and the resolution is one that I absolutely loved.  It should the true depth of devotion and love within their relationship.

  Review by Love Bytes Reviews

An absolutely wonderful read. This book was as well written with great characters. I love the dialogue and the way the relationships these men have with each other. Her editing and storylines are always on point. This series is really worth getting into. I definitely recommend it.

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