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  Review by Ashe Barker

RA Padmos has done it again. Starting with the achingly beautiful cover, Unspoken is another haunting, evocative read which will remain with me for some time.

Unspoken is all about love, in its many and various forms. Adri and Stefan adore each other and this is at the heart of the book. But they also love their family – well, Stefan’s, which they share – wife, children, elderly parents. They share some unlikely friendships too, and as their story unfolds their loyalties are challenged again and again.

Stefan and Adri’s love story spans one of the most turbulent periods in European history. Against the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II these two explore the complexities of a relationship which is both forbidden and dangerous, but despite the perils they face, they just can’t help themselves. Unspoken is a story of daring, of courage, loyalty, duty and horrendous hardship, but the emotional connection between these two men grows stronger as the years pass.

Unlike many MM stories I read, Stefan never truly accepts his sexuality. He sees it as some sort of aberration, and this makes him all the more endearing. Very much a child of his times, he is confused, ashamed, elated and humbled by his love for Adri, but whatever life throws at him, whatever the ultimate cost, he just can’t let his man go. 

The sex is explicit and hot, but Unspoken will also appeal to those who like their MM romance to capture the emotional as well as the physical connection between lovers. Another well-earned five stars from me.

  Review by Divine Magazine

I enjoyed this book. It's very different from my usual reads. I loved how, while his body gets with the programme real quick, it takes some time for Stefan's BRAIN to finally catch up. I
loved how he tries to rationalize it, to talk himself out of what he feels for Adri, and how miserably he fails at that. I LOVED Stefan's wife. She pulls a young Adri into their family, all the while, knowing just what is going on, but never letting on that she did...It's very well written, not overly explicit for a male/male read, but not a bad thing. It also has a couple of male/female scenes, again, not explicit, but needs to be mentioned for the die-hard male/male readers.

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