The Handyman Can

Lily G. Blunt

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Handyman Can

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  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

I thought this was an interesting short story. I did like that the characters were imperfect and had normal doubts about a budding relationship...a good little steamy read.

  Review by Sexy For Review

The Handyman Can by Lily G. Blunt was a short sweet tale which left a smile on my face and a tingle in my heart...The two men were sweet and loving and even in turmoil, they waded through rocky waters - coming out the better on the other end...A quick read, but worth the time to pick up. The Handyman Can was sexy and made me go Ahh….

  Review by Gay Book Reviews

Ahhhh… A short and sweet book to zap your endorphins after reading a long, angsty book. Or as I like to call them: Bathtub Books!

A Bathtub Book is a shorter book that is perfect to read in the tub, before the water gets cold. The Handyman Can is the perfect length and sweetness level to let you relax and enjoy.

Hunky handymen, sweet make out sessions and a bonus hot sex scene make this a win for me.

Enjoy Alex and Michael and the off-the-charts cover-hotness!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This fast novella is not what I was expecting, but a pleasant surprise. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again. It always amazes me that an author can put such feelings and story into so few words/pages. 

Alex, has been becoming more infatuated with Michael and the relationship we see, is a sweet, teasing hot one. Problem is, its new and so is Alex.

Michael and his brothers are targeted by the association, and you can feel the disappointment, when they find out Alex was unsure when the brothers find out about it.

The HFN ending will defiantly help redeem Alex in Michael’s eyes.

  Review by Wicked Reads

The Handyman Can was an enjoyable and steamy read, and when it comes to Michael, the handyman really can.

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