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  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This was such a great story! I loved the way Chalice was determined to find his own way in the universe and hopefully find someone to help him manage his massive powers even though he was a submissive when everyone in his family is a dominant who needs submissives. I loved Hawk and the fact that even though normally he is a bit of a jerk and a heavy handed ruler, he wants to make this new man happy and will do anything in order to do so.
I really liked this story and its uniqueness along with the way it was written and played out! Great start to a series.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This is a love story, there are parts that are very sad, parts that make you want to smile.  Chalice is actually a very strong character, submissive and week comes to mind, not in this case. Innocent fits more than anything.  He always thinks the best of people, and he really does need looking after. Terrin he is jaded, he knows all the bad things out there are real.  I think he needs that innocence to help him see there is still good in the universe to. He will also do whatever it takes to protect Chalice and his innocence.  They balance each other in the best way.

  Review by Redz World Reviews

I liked the chemistry and love in this story. I cannot wait to see what the next book has to offer and how it might have changed. When you want MM, lots of love, and light BDSM this is the book to pick up. 

  Review by Love Bites and Silk Ties

I really enjoyed this one. The premise of the story (a prince with magical powers who was also submissive and needed a master to balance his power) got my attention and made me excited to read it. On the whole it delivered. I got into the story very easily and didn't want to put the book down until I finished it.

Overall, this is a great story and a lovely start to the series. In terms of eroticism this is more sensual than explicit, but that's okay too. I really connected with the characters and I want to find out what happens to Zall, especially.
Happy to recommend this to fans of MM Romance who also enjoy a sprinkle of BDSM.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If this first instalment is anything to go by, the series is all about the light touch, some occasional humor, and very gentle D/s themes. Definitely a fun, quick read.

  Review by Gay Book Reviews

I loved the way the characters interacted and I also would have liked for Ms Kell to have presented a bigger picture of the world this characters leave in. The story was well developed if a bit quick (what can you expect from a short story?) Overall a well written story with so much potential for more stories.

  Review by Molly Lolly Reviews

 I really enjoyed the set up of the world and the characters we get to meet. I liked Zall in this story. He’s intriguing and I hope we get to see him again in future books. I look forward to his story and see his happily ever after. Ms. Kell did more in the short story space than I expected and I can’t wait to read more in this world

  Review by Archaeolibrarian

This is a perfect coffee break book that dabbles with BDSM but doesn't go into too much detail, whilst it is put in a science fiction backdrop. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella, complete with the quick world and character building. I am hoping for more from this series. Smoothly paced and with a hint of things to come, definitely recommended.

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