Into the Arena

Elizabeth Coldwell

Customer & Industry Reviews of Into the Arena

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

The scenes and details are well written and bring the story to life, making it easy for the reader to picture each and every scene as it happens. The intriguing events draw the reader in and refuses to let go. While I enjoy series where the characters are connected, I have to say that this series makes for a refreshing change as I get to meet all these sexy lion shifters from different prides which also means that I get to travel a bit too.

  Review by Divine Magazine

The story leads you to a point where Hayden is in serious danger. There were a few tense moments while reading this book. I really enjoy reading about Cesare and Hayden. You hear people say 'oh he's like a tiger in the bedroom', well Cesare is no tiger more a lion, literally.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

‘Into the Arena’ continues the very entertaining and always suspenseful ‘Lionhearts’ series with a new international location for every volume.

If you enjoy following actors, so to speak, as they make a movie, if you think that a lonely exiled lion shifter and a man in the public spotlight deserve a chance together, and if you’re looking for a suspenseful read that has a couple of twists and turns, then you will probably like this novel.

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