Wild Beauty

Lupa Garneau

Customer & Industry Reviews of Wild Beauty

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

Together, these characters just might find the passion to heal their ravaged hearts in this moving paranormal m/m romance. The author has created a hidden world inside our own that exists right alongside humans. This fascinating world is full of interesting elements and the intriguing shifters have some unique and differing characteristics as well. Cherchi and Luka captivated me from the very beginning of their story and I can't wait to find out what happens next in the Children of Shairobi world especially as it seems fate has a lot more in store for them.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

What an interesting read; there's an old saying it's those who feels it that knows it. In Cherchi's case he has to now learn to live with being less than what he once was. The relationship between Luka and Cherchi is not instant-love which is the good thing with this series. The shifter has an idea the individual is special to them but, they are not enslaved by the need to bond. This allowed Luka and Cherchi time learn of each other, to trust and share their inner most secrets with one another. Like Cherchi Luka also has a story to tell in every increment and milestone of their relationship they are both able to purge their darkness. 

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