Eighty-One Days

Zoë Mullins

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  Review by Divine Magazine

I loved this!! 

What I really liked about this menage book was that ALL of them went into this with their eyes wide open. They knew what taking that final step would mean. They knew what the town might think of them. They KNEW they could all be totally destroyed by this, if it didn't work. But they still walked into this knowing all those things. 

Its steamy, sexy, with all those scenes well written, couple time just two of them, couple all three. 

A really GOOD nice easy read, perfect for a lunch break, bath tub, hangover read. Nothing too complicated, just a well written story of three people actually taking what they want from life. No break ups, make ups, drama or anything. And I NEEDED that!! 

First I've read of Ms Mullins, that I can see. I'd like to read more! 

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