Hard Time

C F White

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  Review by Making it Happen Book Blog

 After the way I was pulled in to the first book of this series, Misdemeanor, and the way it left me hanging at the end… I was jumping at the chance to read Hard Time to see what came next.  CF White did not disappoint, and I was catapulted head-on into a story of constant tension and worry, but also smiles, heat, and so much love.  Yes, this story moves along determinedly at its own pace, not letting a single thing be revealed until the author was good and ready for it; but I was entirely absorbed in every single page—even as I was trying to read faster to get to what every reader wants to know… what is Micky’s future?

The supporting characters do an amazing job here in Hard Time... They all provide a strong framework both men can count on for help, love, and laughs when it counts the most…

The story was pretty emotional, and by the end I confess I did have some tears making themselves known.  Between the constant tension and the emotional ups and downs, Hard Time had me captured from start to finish as I read it through in a single sitting.  You definitely need to read Misdemeanor before starting Hard Time to appreciate exactly where both Micky and Dan came from and how meaningful that makes this story by the end.  And while you won’t get a crazy cliffhanger this time around, there’s a promise at the end of more to come — something I am REALLY looking forward to!

5 stars for Hard Time, and it’s a story I highly recommend to any M/M romance fan... And you probably will want some tissues on hand…just sayin’…


  Review by Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews

There's a sincerity to the writing that just speaks to me and draws me in. This coupled with original characters and the depth of emotion the author manages to convey, especially showing the intimate and vulnerable side of Micky has me captivated. I just absolutely love Micky, Dan and Flynn, they are a heart melting family and I can't wait for the next instalment to see how they fare in Wales.

  Review by Heather York

I found myself enjoying Hard Time even more than book #1. I loved how even though this is fiction and most of the scenarios are not your every day plot devices, how the author meshes these with Mickey and Dan's typical relationship challenges is really beautiful to witness. If you loved Misdemeanor than you are in for a real treat with Hard Time and if you are like me and found a few moments of frustration in book one then you are going to be blown away with book number two. From beginning to end the author had me sucked in and I knew there was just no way I would be able to function properly before reaching that last page. CF White is definitely an author I look forward to exploring.

  Review by Joyfully Jay

The love is deep and made my heart feel full and warm. The sex was incredible, and made…ahem…other parts warm. It was pretty explicit, but that didn’t feel out of place in this story. It was like they needed to cling to one another sexually to prove what they had was real. And it was. I highly recommend this one, but please read book one first to get the full effect.

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