A Ring and a Vow

Devon Rhodes

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Ring and a Vow

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  Review by Sexy for Review

Ms. Rhodes gave both men life in her characterization of their personal struggles in an institution where DADT was a guiding force for the gay military couple of A Ring & A Promise—to the repeal and nuptials of A Ring & A Vow. The acceptance of their family and friends lent credence to open-mindedness of the majority rather than the minority which made this story all the more appealing. My only drawback…Ms. Rhodes…I need more please!

  Review by Gabrielle

This is a sweet romance that will make your heart feel good. Owen and Cary have been together for years and now they plan to make it official. With a wedding to plan and re-enlisting to think about the two men have a lot on their minds but the men still make time to spend together. The two make a great couple. Their love shines through in everything that they do. I enjoyed seeing Owen and Cary reinforce their relationship. The love that share makes for a great read. I loved the way Owen and Cary worked together to get the wedding together and seeing the romantic side of Owen made for a nice read.

  Review by Wicked Reads

This follows on from A Ring and a Promise – and five years on we see that the men are still together, although rarely in each other's company. Owen has a plan though and surprises Cary in the very best of ways. This is such a fun read, with the mix of really sweet romantic moments and the harshness of the reality of being in the armed forces. It was a very enjoyable, if short read. I can see myself reading the two again sometime as a 'cheer-me-up' tonic.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

In this wonderful sequel to ‘A Ring and a Promise’, Marine officer Owen and Naval aviator Cary are back. This is a sweet story without major drama, well, unless you count wedding preparations and dealing with flower arrangements and relatives. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how Owen and Cary were doing! If you like hot military men, if the issues they are facing about who they are and living out in the open sound interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is as sweet as it is hot, then you will probably like this short story.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I had a blast reading this and look forward to hearing more about their lives together. It was a perfect love story for two gorgeous men in uniforms. I would definitely recommend reading this. It will give you almost everything you could want in a love story.

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