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  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

The plotline allows readers to feel their sadness and their quiet joy at finding someone to pursue.  Sensual and emotional, Prince Tighe and Faelan’s sweet romance is a lovely tale.

  Review by Love Bytes

Sexy and Romantic. This short story is primarily a romance but also serves as a history of sorts to the Eight Kingdoms Series. I really enjoyed this sweet and erotic story, but I believe one reason I liked it so much was because I read the first two books of the Eight Kingdom Series prior to reading it. I think if I hadn’t read those books first, I may have been confused about the significance of the Summer Queen’s pregnancy as well as the appearance of the Red King. However, I read this story without pause and was drawn to the love affair between Faelan and Tighe. I recommend this to anyone who loves magical beings and erotic fantasy.

  Review by Susan

Undone by Belinda Burke surprised me, as I thought I knew most of Celtic mythology, especially as it relates to fairies or elves, but she found a being unknown to me. Thus, I found this story about a half-human prince and a gancanagh fascinating as well as hot. Given the power of the gancanagh is to incite lust, the hotness is almost a given. The conflict is built-in, as the gancanagh is considered a dark being, but the two find some middle ground. I enjoyed that this unlikely pair are able to meet a need in each other that both thought unfillable. It is a fun quick read and there is more set in the same world.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I enjoyed this read. The writing is good, and was very descriptive. Not just the sex, but also the surrounding and emotions. It moved along at a comfortable pace for such a short read without feeling rushed.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

This was a short story that showcased the beginning of their time together. It showed the origins of these lonely hearts finding fulfillment and starting a journey together. I am eager to see more from them in the remaining Eight Kingdoms books. 

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