Life Under New Management

Jane Davitt

Customer & Industry Reviews of Life Under New Management

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

Full of action and plenty of hot m/m scenes, this is a quick read that sizzles.

  Review by Love Bytes

This book was a fun little read . I liked the story. I liked that Andy wasn’t the typical sub and Ethan wasn’t truly the typical Dom. I really liked seeing Andy’s struggles in order for him to accept what is given and not try to manipulate his way. I liked that Ethan took the time to see beyond the flighty Andy and to help guide him to what Andy so needed, someone to ground him. 

  Review by The Blogger Girls

All in all, I really enjoyed this. It was a quick, easy read that, while not on the beginner BDSM (or, more accurately, S/M) level, I didn’t find it overly dark in that respect, though it is different than the usual. I really enjoyed not reading the same old, same old, and this certainly delivers in that respect. If you’re looking for something a bit different, definitely give this one a try.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

The sex scenes are very much into the realm of pain play and several BDSM standards. There is bondage, spanking, CBT, and a few other interesting little gems. The sex scenes were both sensual and highly intense at times. Even as Andy is in tears from the pain, there is something so erotic about his pain and Ethan’s reaction to it.

This was a good and detailed work of power exchange and BDSM practices. Nothing was to the extremes. But still a word of warning for people unfamiliar or uncomfortable with BDSM themed books.
These two men, both were looking for something different, and neither expected what they got in each other. The book follows along as they both discover their kinks and how to satisfy each other’s desires and needs.

The reader is treated to a well written exploration of the ups and downs they have and how they find a way to make it work. This was enjoyable and a very sexy hot read.

  Review by Debra E

The relationship between Ethan and Andy was very complex and quite different from most of the BDSM relationships I’ve seen in books. Ethan doesn’t want a sub, just complete control of the sex, but he does agree to also use his control in other parts of Andy’s life. Andy is all about exploring the limits of his kinks, especially his newfound desire for pain, but when it comes down to it, even though he asked for the other aspects of control, he finds it’s not always as easy to accept that control outside of the bedroom. I really enjoyed seeing the men work out their kinks, even when they didn’t line up with each other perfectly. Getting to know Ethan under the cool, collected, in-control façade and watching Andy blossom under his guidance with a liberal dose of inventive, hot, kinky sex, made this a book I enjoyed from start to finish.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

I liked these characters.  Even Andy, as messed up and disorganized as he was in the beginning was a sweet guy, although he did learn things about himself.    For that matter, so did Ethan, and as controlling and demanding as he was, he too was a sweet guy and surprisingly likable.  The dynamics between these two guys was incendiary. If you like hot and heavy sadomasochistic m/m romance in luxurious surroundings, than you may like this.  The characters were well rounded and endearing.  The story was good and well-paced.  It held my interest throughout.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This is a wonderfully unusual BDSM story.

The story focuses around Ethan’s kink, his need for total control of his partner in bed and in life. Directionless Andy immediately jumps at the idea of someone making his choices for him, but the execution of the relationship isn’t as easy as either man would like.

The pain and fear play in the book gets quite intense in parts, and some readers may shy away from things like knife or ginger play. Other readers might quite enjoy it!

I’m still not sure I loved the relationship, or that I really came to love either of the two main characters. The relationship starts with a contractual style agreement, but even when the characters move past the basic agreement and start to talk about an emotional connection, I didn’t ever feel like I was witnessing true intimacy.

Interestingly, this lack of intimacy made the book more real for me. It would have been out of character for Ethan to become easy-going and emotionally transparent, and I’m not sure Andy is ever able to feel much very deeply. 

So yes, this is a well written, well observed book. The BDSM relationship is atypical and more interesting because it isn’t what we’re used to reading about. The sex is hot, if you enjoy reading about pain and control. And I like the way the author stays true to character, ensuring emotional intimacy isn’t forced or feigned.

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