To Stand Close

Faith Ashlin

Customer & Industry Reviews of To Stand Close

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  Review by Prism Book Alliance

Faith Ashlin’s stories always make me think, her AU worlds are so close to our own but she adds a small change that makes them a disturbingly different place.The relationship between them grows slowly and realistically, the initial awkwardness building to contentment and then to much more and I loved how they bonded over a shared love of books.  I adored To Stand Close; it’s a gentler, far more contained story than anything I’ve read from her before. It’s a beautiful story of hope even in the midst of darkness. Highly recommended.

  Review by Boy Meets Boy Reviews

To Stand Close was thought provoking, engaging and just fucking good. The development of their relationship is slow, thoughtful and realistic. To Stand Close isn't fast paced, full of sex or action. It's just the love story between Michael and Nicky, who end up in this crazy Master/slave situation together. If you don't read many slave stories or are new to the genre, this is a good choice. There's a dark undertone, but Nicky and Michael's romance is the focus.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This is so much more than a gay romance.  It is a story of friendship and devotion.  There were elements of Atwood and Orwell here, but the author doesn’t focus on social criticism.  Instead, she gives us Nicky, a very talented gymnastics coach who is preparing an elite team of women’s gymnasts for the world championships. And she gives us Michael.  An American backpacker turned sex slave who is gifted to Nicky by his atheletes’ grateful mothers. So.  Bizarre.  But really well written. The gymnasts and their training regimes are witten in such painstakingly vivid detail we can almost smell the chalk, sweat and leather.  The relatioship that develops between Nicky and Michael is awkward and uncomfortable.  The central problem of the story is so much more complex than that in most romance writing.  If you own someone, how do you ever know if they really love you?  Is it right to give love to or desire love from a posession? Even if the premise sounds odd, I would recommend reading this book.  It was a very good read.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

This was an enjoyable book. Michael has an interesting back story and he was by far my favourite character in the book.

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