True as an Arrow

Sean Michael

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

I found this to be an amazing story, full of sensual scenes and hotly written kink. Both Hunter and Kyle grow and learn as characters and their relationship flourishes accordingly. This is yet another wonderful story by Mr. Michael and he’s now an auto-read for me. Hot and romantic, this is an excellent read and one I’m really pleased to add onto my bookshelf.

  Review by Sinfully Sexy Reviews

One of the many things I like about Sean Michael's books is his way of injecting a twist in the story, and there is definitely one in this book. I loved how the reader got a peak into Hunter and Kyle's life before their change, and how the added dynamic of BDSM brought so much more to their already totally sweet relationship. This is not a hardcore BDSM book, it’s definitely on the lighter side and won’t offend anyone who appreciates a bit of kink in bedroom scenes. If any of you think your relationship may be a little stale, then you definitely want to consider reading this book. It was fun, loving, and hotter than a barbecue in summer.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Hunter and Kyle were completely committed to each other.  But that doesn’t mean that some curiosity and exploration can’t shake things up a bit.   I thoroughly enjoyed how this was introduced and then handled in the context of this story.

A charmingly HOT bedtime story that will leave one with very pleasant dreams.  Lovers of the erotic m/m genre may want to one-click this right away.  I think this will go on my “worth-a-second-read list.  It was that fun!  *sigh*

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

There is something to be said about a book that has no angst or drama. This was all about the sexual exploration both Kelly and Hunter are on. Their relationship is already solid. This was just something to spice up their sex lives with. Something that they both come to enjoy.

It was an enjoyable read to go on the exploration with MCs that are easy to like and understand. There was no need for history on them. From the start I knew they were in love with each other and had a great relationship already. There are BDSM themes, but very low-grade and not into the heavy realm of themes.

All in all, a very great read from Sean Michael.

  Review by Inked Rainbow Reads

This is a very sexy, charming story about introducing kink into a long-term relationship. I loved this.  The two men are such realistic long-term partners.  There is no drama in the relationship, just solid affection and open communication.  We originally see the two men in quite stereotypical  roles, but it is great watching them alter long-held behaviour patterns.

And very hot!  I was ready to find  my own sexy chatroom by the end of the book.  This story comes long after the traditional HEA and it is wonderful to watch such a fabulous relationship between long-term partners that isn’t at all boring - or vanilla!

The kink in this book is very mild and realistic for a couple exploring for the first time.  Compared to most books that include BDSM, I really like this more personal and less formal introduction of a little bit of kink between two men who already love each other. Highly recommended.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

This is an enjoyable little erotic adventure. It’s fun, sexy, and sweet, and it certainly pushed some of my buttons (in the best way). I recommend it for a quick, steamy read that reaffirms the passion that still exists within long-term relationships.

  Review by Love Bytes

This was a good story. Hunter and Kyle obviously love each other very much. The relationship they have is very secure. The exploration into Hunter ultimately embracing that he liked to submit added some fun into the story. Just because Hunter was a big and fit man, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t take on the submissive role. It puts a twist on some preconceived notions with Dominants and submissives. It was interesting to see how he came to terms with it and how it changed the relationship into something more. I know that the love they originally had was even stronger in the end.  The sex wasn’t too excessive and the love was evident in every scene. If you are looking for something sweet with a kick of heat in it, this is the book for you.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I liked how careful they both are of each other, how they introduced the D/s elements on top of and around the deep love between them. While this is not an exciting or tension-filled book with lots of action and plot twists, it was a joy to see the characters changing as they opened up to each other and began to explore their own deeper desires. The result was, of course, some very hot sex scenes, but the real payoff was in the vulnerability and deeper emotions they explored. It infuses their relationship with new passion, desire, and more heat than should be legal! 

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