Quinn's Gambit

Angel Martinez & Bellora Quinn

Customer & Industry Reviews of Quinn's Gambit

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  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Quinn’s Gambit tells a veritable rich written feast with the otherworldly fantasy set in a contemporary storyline. Drama and suspense builds from the start while the romance between Val and Quinn slowly develops into a passionate love.  Yet, it’s unsure whether their feelings will solidify until the end and keeps the reader guessing.  This first book in the AURA series features a strong paranormal influence, great character development, and a truly exciting, tense plotline.  I Joyfully recommend Quinn’s Gambit.  Kudos to authors Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn for their inventive storytelling skills.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

What a fantastic world these authors have created. I loved this book! It had everything I adore, from magic, to creatures out of myth and folklore, to a fascinating plot, and two socially awkward main characters who ignite when they're together. The secondary characters of Kai, a drow, his partner, Tenzin, a yeti, and Sinistrus, an incubus, simply made the entire story more interesting, along with a number of laughs. I am jumping straight into the next book because, basically, I can't wait to read more!

  Review by Daniel Riding

There is a wonderful story here, and it had me gripped from page one. The sex scenes however, are very well written and most certainly had me feeling a little hot under the collar. Everything in this book was balanced and well written, from the sex scenes to the action scenes and everything in between. Also, this is the first book that I have managed to read in a day. It was that good folks. For me it was an excellent introduction into the world of M/M erotic fiction and for those that are looking to take the plunge, then this book is a great start. I am looking forward to getting round to reading the sequel. This is a very sexy and romantic read and I enjoyed it immensely.

  Review by Raina

Great writing, great action, loved the secondary characters. I loved the slow burn between Quinn and Val. I can't wait for the next one.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

The characters are strong, compelling and grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning.The steady to fast paced plot flow along with the well written scenes and details which draw the reader in and keep them from putting the book down, with lots of suspense, excitement and passion. Spine tingling anticipation builds throughout the story as things begin to go horribly wrong. I have to say that the authors have created a very fascinating world with an abundance of intriguing magical characters from all walks of life and some unique and interesting elements that make for a very entertaining read. I was completely caught up in Quinn and Val’s story from the very beginning and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  Review by Love Bytes

This book is everything I love: A creative story, interesting characters, hot sex, and a happy ending. If you are a fan of urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal romance, or supernatural stories, you will probably love this book. If you aren’t, and want to try a good example, this is also the book for you. I can’t wait to read more of this series!

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

The world that was created is very lush and well described. There are so many amazing beings and creatures. The MCs as well as the secondary characters are well thought out. The story was fast paced and kept my attention. The interactions between all the characters were interesting at times and pretty funny at others.

There was a lot of information given about the people and the world, but it was never too much to take away from the story and bog it down. Something I very much appreciated.

Overall, this was a very entertaining book. I enjoyed the world created and look forward to reading more about it. Since this is billed as a series, I cannot wait for the next book.

  Review by Carly's Book Reviews

Drawn together by a magical disaster of epic proportions, they are forced to overcome their differences in order to work towards the greater good. I read Quinn's Gambit in a single day. The witty dialog, unique variety of magical characters and dramatic story-line instantly engaged me. Quinn and Val are delightfully entertaining and have sexual chemistry to spare.  Their friends are loyal, sometimes to the point of being painfully honest, and I frequently found myself turning back the pages to re-read my favorite parts!

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Quinn’s Gambit is an intense story filled with twists and turns and unexpected surprises that will leave you guessing. A modern fantasy love story that held my attention and made me crave more of this world. I’m eager to dive into the sequel.

  Review by Night Owl Reviews

The mystery part of the story was well done and I really enjoyed the world the authors have created. There is a lot going on but it wasn't confusing or hard to follow as some UF is. I thought Val and Quinn were both complex characters and I loved their interactions with each other. This was a well written story. It was creative and enjoyable on a lot of levels. It was my first time reading these authors but I'm now a fan and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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