Turkish Delights

Trina Lane

Customer & Industry Reviews of Turkish Delights

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  Review by debbie firpo

What can I say other than WOW! This book was so hot it sizzled. We have three gorgeous men who aren't afraid to show their love. The story flowed so smoothly. The detail was amazing. A great read.

  Review by Bradley Mathis

The amount of details and expertly worded descriptions of the scenes transported me straight into the heart of Turkey and the beautiful city if Istanbul. The introduction of the main characters, Garrett Stone as the professional English businessman, Kyle LaFleure as the emotional French Architect who wears his heart on his sleeve, and Emir Sahin the tortured Islamic Artist being torn between his Faith's traditions and his sexuality. All combine to create a perfect trifecta in creating individual characters, and weaving them to create a dynamic story where three men, from three vastly different background come together to find love between each other and work to build a life together.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

Overall it was seamless.  The writing was amazingly well done and moved at an interesting pace.  It was not instant love.  It took time and effort from all of them. It was so lush in its descriptions of Istanbul.  The culture, the city, the people, and the love story itself.  There was so much detail given and it was beautiful.  The story of three different men finding love in this amazing old world yet modern city was wonderful.  It was sweet and loving, with some very hot and sexy moments adding a nice spice to it all.

The amount of research needed for this book must have been insane.  Between Istanbul, the French language, the Turkish language, and everything else, it was just amazing.  This was a great piece of reading from Trina Lane. 

  Review by Susan

I loved Turkish Delights by Trina Lane for many reasons. It is a really hot book that happens to contain three guys from differing worlds who make it work despite the odds. It is mostly set in Turkey, where I lived for a few years, and Lane captured the essence of the location and culture very well for never having been there. She did a great job of differentiating among Garrett the British project manager, Kyle the French architect, and Emir the Turkish stone mason. They traveled different paths to wind up with a HEA, but the emotional journeys rang true. And did I mention the steam in the bedroom? One of my favorite reads from the publisher ever!

  Review by Archaeolibrarian

The descriptions of Istanbul, the hotel in process, architecture, religion and what it means to specific families and people, it's all here. This gives the story a certain something which takes it above and beyond a 'usual' M/M or ménage story. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of sex in this book if that is all you are interested in but personally, I feel like you'd be missing out on a whole lot more if you just skim to the sexy bits. Incredibly well put together with a depth of knowledge and research that makes it a joy to read. Definitely recommended for all fans of M/M and Ménage and this is certainly an author for me to watch.

  Review by Confessions from Romaholics

Set in the beautiful city I enjoyed being whisked away to Turkey and enjoy the rich culture that is infused with this book. Whilst the focus is obvious partly on the hotel . I loved the personal side to the story as well as they struggle with their own personal issues and how this tied in with their relationship. 

  Review by The Jeep Diva

This was a rather charming read. This was a nice slow, though very enjoyable, ramble of a story.  A very nice read for a cold, snowy day.  

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This was a simple story. Not a lot of depth of feelings or getting to know characters, however saying that I found all three of these guys charming and sucked me in very quickly. All three are very devoted to each other and the relationship they are developing as a friendship first, and then a loving, committed relationship. They are also devoted to this project and the descriptions we get of the hotel being designed and built; wow I would love to stay there. I did like the turmoil that we we’re given with Emir and his family. 

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