Unexpected Moments

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Unexpected Moments

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  Review by The Jeep Diva

I liked the way Dare was incorporated into Carter and Eddie’s existing relationship. They were all about sharing each other equally. The three vastly different personalities and backgrounds make this relationship feel like one that will always have something fresh and new to it. It felt genuinely lasting. Due to a previous issue the guys are not given an easy road to their happily ever after. Eddie, Carter, and Dare are going to have to overcome some outside forces to see their relationship through.

  Review by Laura

This book provides an interesting combination of strong characters. A relationship that starts as two into a three way relationship. This book has all the good elements great character development and plot twists and turns. I don't normally read relationships with more then two people but this book has a well deserved long-term place in my library. This has lots of sex so no reading at work. I will be re-reading this one in a while and I am sure I will find even more. The final epilogue I love.

  Review by Debra E

I liked Carter and Eddie when I read the first story and that didn’t change here. Carter and Eddie are both straight forward and are not afraid to tell the other what they want in or out of the bedroom. This makes for some smoking hot sex scenes including dirty talk and some light BDSM. Dare is a great addition to the story; although a bit on the shy side, he is also willing to speak up and be honest, including sharing his concerns about how the relationship could affect his business and his family. The story moves along at a good pace and the tension and suspense ratchet up as Carter’s stalker becomes more aggressive towards the three men. Actions that are meant to drive the three apart serve to move the relationship along at a quicker pace and really help to bond the men together. I was completely caught up in the story. The pace was good and I was invested in the three men finding the happily ever after.

  Review by Eva Millien

The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and ensure that the reader wants to know everything especially if this triad gets their happily ever after. Spine tingling tension builds throughout the story, as Carter begins to feel danger aimed his way and just as they find Dare, the one they believe will complete their relationship, the danger escalates as a stalker targets Carter. The well written scenes and details draw the reader deeper into the story while the frequent red hot sex scenes add spice to the story and the trauma and emotional turmoil that this threesome suffers captures the heart. I have to say that I was completely caught up in the story and there was no way not to get emotionally involved, there was moments of tears, happiness, chuckles and anger (directed at the bad guy of course) and if any three men deserve to have a forever, Carter, Eddie and Dare certainly do.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

As Eddie and Carter woo Drew into their relationship, it is clear that all three men are slowly falling in love with each other. When Carter's past comes between the three men and attempt its best to destroy not only their comfort but lives as well, the three men unite unexpectedly. Now it is not just the stalker that can destroy them, the revelation to the families can result to more trouble. I want to know more.

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