Spanish Heat

Douglas Black

Customer & Industry Reviews of Spanish Heat

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  Review by Prism Book Alliance

It adds so much to the reading experience when there is personality to the writing itself. I like having a sense of the individual behind the words as they work to translate their characters and their quirks, needs, fears and laughs to the page. I got that with this writer in this story.

It’s tricky to handle transitions between scenes and the passage of time in a short story. Both are done well here. I never felt like I was missing anything and yet the progression of the characters and their actions was natural. No wasted words, along with no major gaps, definitely help make a good short story.

I both know and understand some peoples’ reluctance to spend hard earned cash on shorter stories. For me, when well done, they pack a punch that no other type of storytelling can provide. This one falls into that category, for sure. I recommend this one and am going to see what else I can find by one Douglas Black.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I liked it immensely, the entire story, to describe it in a word I would say cute... This is a well-written story and as I mentioned already, the big payoff is when you read the final pages.

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