What You See

Faith Ashlin

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  Review by Joyfully Jay

Wow, so this book was such a lovely surprise.  I had no idea what to expect of this story or this author, but I was drawn by the former slave theme and decided to give it a try and I am really glad I did.  Ashlin really manages to elevate this into a nicely layered story with a great characters and a moving plot.. The set up for the story is great and gives us a nice mix of an alternative world story with a very contemporary feel.  I definitely liked this one and would certainly recommend it.


  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I would recommend reading this book. It will make you feel so deeply that you would break down during the time you are reading it. It will make you feel the pain that they felt. It has everything in it that you could want. Sexy men, danger, excitement, adventure and show you what you can learn about yourselves in the mean time. These two men set out to live their lives and learn about themselves and others and lead them to their freedom and love.

  Review by Love Bytes

What You See is an erotic romance/fantasy, filled with emotional angst and healing. I was in no way disappointed to find a moving romance filled with plenty of grief and angst. I was on the brink of tears many times, but I love a book with the power to squeeze my heart. With respect to erotic scenes, I really loved the reversal of traditional roles. Denny, the young former slave, is more sexually dominant than Richard, the older, wealthy, and famous freedom fighter. I really loved seeing Denny coax his timid employer out of his shell. Overall, this book was an awesome read and I’ll certainly be reading more from Faith Ashlin. I recommend What You See to anyone who loves M/M erotic romance, deeply emotional hurt/comfort themes, and dark M/M fantasy.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

I stayed up way too late reading this book, but I just had to read one more chapter. Just one more. 

And I just. Couldn't. Stop.

Denny and Richard's relationship pulled me in right from the start and the development kept me engaged the entire time. I was also on the edge of my seat a few times. I just didn't know how everything would turn out. I knew it just had to because Denny and Richard were so great together, but the getting there was rough. 

What You See was definitely hot, very emotional, a little sweet and just a fantastic read.

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