King's Conquest

Valentina Heart

Customer & Industry Reviews of King's Conquest

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  Review by The Novel Approach

I loved everything about this book. It was fun and entertaining. The relationship between Rin and Meri was sweet and hot. Rin was inexperienced and Meri was a hot alpha warrior. He’s the one to take charge and take care of his love, which Rin became. If you love reading about this relationship dynamic, then you will love this book. King’s Conquest is a great introduction to a new world. It will conquer your imagination.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

I loved it and was quite surprised by the whole story. It has made a way in to my favorite list. It gives you everything you could want in a story, sexy man, spiteful enemies, passion, excitement, and danger. It caught my attention from the start and kept it all the way to the end.

  Review by Traci K.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The world building was richly done without overwhelming the characters and plot. My only regret about the book is that the whole series isn't out because I would've bought all of them and settled in for an epic book binge.

  Review by Joyfully Reviewed

Given a new start the two find a way to embrace their differences and fall in love.  A great start to a very promising romantic tale.  King’s Conquest excels.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

If you like fantasy stories in far-away settings, if royal etiquette and male pregnancy fascinate you, and if you enjoy seeing two men come together as true despite the unequal and involuntary way their relationship started, you will probably like this short book. I was certainly fascinated by it and look forward to the sequel.

  Review by Prism Book Alliance

King’s Conquest was a nice fantasy tale with Princes and mpreg and magic. However, as the first book in the series, it was only a beginning. It had an interesting world with two warring kingdoms that had some major dissimilarities in culture.

On the whole an easy read, though ultimately too short. I would read the next book to see how things play out.

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