Cooking Up a Storm

Ashley Ladd

Customer & Industry Reviews of Cooking Up a Storm

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  Review by Goodreads

Let me say from the start this is a steamy M/M novella about a bunch of chefs on a mission to win a job being the personal chef for a millionaire in paradise.  Brooks and Rique fall for each other on the spot. Brooks is getting over being dumped by his long time lover and Rique is being hunted by the mob. What follows is some hot sex and when a hurricane comes so does the action. I give this 5 flaming hot fangs. Read it you won’t be disappointed.

  Review by Love Romances and More

For such a short book, this story has a lot of mystery and nice plot twists.  Ms. Ladd manages to avoid clichés and throws in a few unexpected extra twists of her own. She also successfully drives a perfect line between surprise and believability and kudos to her for that.

Ms. Ladd has included several hot, descriptive and erotic male/male, and male ménage scenes which are all plot and character driven. 

  Review by Beanie Brain reader

I was given book for honest review. m/m romance. Brooks and Rique compete for a coveted chef position for Jonah. Little did they know cooking could be so rewarding and dangerous at the same time. Nice quick read that flowed really well. One complaint was that it was so quick thought it could’ve been longer with more competition details. 

  Review by Carly's Book Reviews

A sensually written novella, the spectacular foods, exotic location and fantasy like living arrangements are described in breathtaking detail that brought Ladd's imaginative world to life in full color. I would have liked to have seen the same painstaking attention to detail applied to the dynamics of the three men's developing relationship, and felt that the lack of emotional word building was an opportunity lost. While I enjoyed the suspenseful storyline, entertaining secondary characters and steamy sexual encounters, in the end I couldn't help but wish for just a little bit more!

  Review by Padmes Library

This was a very pleasant read.  The chef setting is intriguing and kept my interest to the end.  The characters are enjoyable and well written.  I would have liked to have had more detail and length to the story which is the only reason I'm giving this a 4 bookmark rating instead of 5.  The story itself is well written and a very easy read that sucks you in.

  Review by Goodreads

All in all, a good solid 4 fang read, nothing too taxing on the brain, with some steam, its given a 2 out of 3 steam rating on its publisher site, and i would agree with that. M

aybe i'd have liked a little more of the three of them together, its my thing, you know. M/M and menage, so this book hits the spot on both counts!

  Review by Anne Conley

I love food, I love steam, I love men. This book has it. A nice, hot little read. It  was well-written and very well-edited. The descriptions of the different food made were positively mouth-watering though.  Good, short little story

  Review by Girly Girl Book Reviews

While I would have liked to see more of this story, the amount of hotness and action for the pages were proportional.  I loved how the author wrote the characters each with their own unique descriptions. The plot was fun and had originality because of all the various scenes that was in the home of the owner (I would love to have a few of these).  Not sure about the sharks I think I would feel the same way that one of the characters would have. I would have liked to see a little more feeling passion between Brooks,  Rique, and Jonah. Overall this novel was a quick spicy, humorous,  with a kick of adventurous read that you should read.

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