Tackling the Subject

Jon Keys

Customer & Industry Reviews of Tackling the Subject

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  Review by Open Skye Book Reviews

I thought this story is a good take on nerd/jock with the jock being the nice intelligent student and the nerd being the arrogant one... I love how patient and caring Gordy is with Sam and how fiercely protective Sam is of Gordy. They are so good together for each other, Sam has a drive to overcome his past and Gordy understands he has to stand up for what he wants. It’s quite a well paced story with enough bumps in the road they have to overcome to keep me reading. All comes right in the end and they get a happy ever after ending.

  Review by Bayou Book Junkie

The story has great's well-written and was enjoyable. Recommendable!

  Review by Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

This is a lovely, sweet story, with not too much angst. The relationship that develops over time is quite adorable and the sex is explored well and handled deftly due to the intimacy issues and it felt very age appropriate. A sweet story with a lovely heartwarming ending.

  Review by Wicked Reads

Tackling the Subject had an ease to the writing style, where I was able to immediately fall into the story, without any info-dumpage and inane/over-description... I enjoyed this quick read, and do recommend it to MM romance fans. I'm curious to read more by this author in the future.


  Review by Jessie G Books

I read this story on a whim, liking the idea of a hurt/comfort story and trying a new author. All third person, the story was quite sweet and tender at times, there was realism in the effects of the attack on Sam, and Gordy’s concerns were authentic.

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