Lonely Cowboy

Jan Irving

Customer & Industry Reviews of Lonely Cowboy

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  Review by Jeep Diva

a delightfully sexy read…


Ms. Irving developed characters that resonated passion deep in their soul. Simon and Tate were stunted in the ways of love, but found commonality in their desire for true happiness sans physical obstacles. I fell in love with both men, I found myself needing them to be together to heal each other- and Jan Irving delivered.


As a fan of the series, every book has touched me, but Lonely Cowboy has to be my favorite. Although this book is a standalone, this reviewer recommends that you purchase the rest of the series. You will not be disappointed.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews


I loved, loved, and loved this book. These uncommon cowboys are awesome! I love how some of the characters are shifters and the shifter element plays a little in the book but doesn’t overshadow the entire story. I also like the fact none of these men are perfect. Each one is damaged in some way and finds the perfect someone to compliment them and make them whole again. I also like that it never comes easy, and the men don’t really change they just heal.  

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews


This is a great story about wounded men dealing with a changed reality, with an extra portion of danger for added suspense. If you liked the series so far, you have something to look forward to with this newest installment!

  Review by Sid Love


Oh… I love this concept. Damaged and lonely warrior, meets lonely artist. Add in the paranormal aspect and I’m a happy girl! 


It is a great story on its own, and a wonderful part of the series as a whole.

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