Remove the Empty Spaces

T.A. Chase

Customer & Industry Reviews of Remove the Empty Spaces

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  Review by Top 2 Bottom Reviews


Ms. Chase has an easy writing style that I enjoy and her characters are interesting people.


I really liked this book. It has an interesting storyline that is very smoothly written. I also enjoyed watching these two men fall in love and I’m anxious to see how their relationship continues to grow.

  Review by MM Good Book Reviews


I found this a fun refreshing story. I love T.A. Chase. The author has a way with characters.


So if you are looking for a sweet, fun, charming story, with some hot sex to fill an hour or so I strongly suggest this (and book two also).
If you like expensive suits, mail-boys with big ideas and crushes on boss, hot sexy multimillionaires, family ties, great friends and some hot mansex this book is for you!

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