Drive My Car

Megan Slayer

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

It had the pleasure one gets from the BDSM scene and the love from two men who want each other with all of the heart. It was told with a bit of flair, that made it a truly wonderful read.

If you love characters that come alive, and the love builds stronger each day with a touch of BDSM then you will love this story.


Reviewed by Lisa

  Review by Jeep Diva

Drive My Car by Megan Slayer was a fast paced tale of Miles Hornish and Flynn Gold, employer and employee. Miles was a self-made millionaire who employed Flynn as his driver. Both men lusted for each other albeit the other knowing.

Eventually the two give into the sexual heat and succumb to nights of kinky sex and mutual satisfaction. The sex scenes were totally hot and well written, although once outside of the bedroom both men were slightly off kilter.

Miles, a Dom, at times displayed more infatuation than lust and Flynn was not very self-assured. When they came together for sex though, both men were able to find their niche.

A short read, but worth the time.


Reviewed by Evelise

  Review by The Romance Reviews

The sexy times were pretty sexy. Both men were into BDSM and were able to naturally take on their desired roles with each other. There were toys galore, my favorite being a collar. I really like the use of a collar in BDSM. I like the symbolism in it and, let's face it, it's hot.


If you're looking for an easy and steamy read, then DRIVE MY CAR might be for you.


Reviewed by Breann

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