Ropes and Dreams

Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Ropes and Dreams

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  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

I really liked how Bradford used Drake and Ian’s relationship as an opportunity to educate readers within the context of the story, keeping to the flow of the storyline and avoiding the “soapbox” feel that can too easily occur. Watching Drake and Ian fall in love and in bed, the BDSM elements, the sensitivity regarding the subject of HIV, the romantic suspense angles, and catching up with Carlos, Troy, and Will made Ropes & Dreams a thoroughly enjoyable read for me and secured it a spot on my reread shelf.

  Review by Shorty Chelle

The second book in the Mossy Glenn Ranch series is the story of Ian and Drake. It was a powerful story of emotions when facing the unknown. Fear, drama, understanding, knowledge and love are all through this captivating book. I absolutely loved it.

  Review by merri

A touching and captivating book that shows us in more ways then one that everything isn't as it seems on the surface. Hot scenes, love and friends at its best.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

One thing that really make this story stand out to me compared to others is the health, specifically HIV concerns, throughout this story. I was truly inspired by the authors tactful and informant way of handling such a delicate subject. It really spoke to me in a way that I do not think any other story has ever done previously. The nature in which it was handled just sets this story apart from any other, and I would consider this a must read.


Reviewed by Peppermint

  Review by Customer

Ok, after reading Chaps and Hope, I had complete mixed emotions about Drake. But after reading this book, I think I fell in love with him just a little bit! With every book of Bailey's that I read, I am always caught off guard with how well she seems to be able to write the emotions the characters are feeling. There were parts of this story when Drake was going through his "problems" that I just felt horrible for him and wanted to cry with him. Even after finishing this book, I am unsure of Ian. He shows up in the dark, literally, and he has his secrets. By the end of the book it seems as though he still has some secrets that haven't come to light yet. (I even have mixed feelings about if I like him with my Drake!) But he seems to be exactly what Drake needs. I do wish that there was more about why Ian got into the BDSM lifestyle, but it was also good the way that it was written. The drama that was going on in this book, it felt like there was more than in Chaps and Hope, but I do like how it played out. I have a feeling that a certain character will come back into play at some point in the future, but I will just have to wait and find out!

  Review by Customer

4.5 stars I freakin' loved it :-) Drake needed a happy ending after being used and abused by previous lover, and he gets it good from Ian. Ian is a tormented man, who has a lack of people skills. But as soon as he sees Drake, he wants to b a better man, he has the need to win Drakes love and affection. It's a great story. And I hope to hear from from all the boys at Mossy Glen.

  Review by Jeep Diva

This is the first book I have ever read by Bailey Bradford and it certainly will not be the last...Ropes and Dreams brought something a little more serious to the table. Drake has had something extremely scary brought to his attention. It is affecting

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

There is a serious topic that underlies this story, but I'm not mentioning a thing because it's a spoiler! Needless to say, the man responsible for putting the fear into Drake gets away way too easily, in my opinion. And, not to miss out on my other guys, I got glimpses of Carlos, Troy, and Will, which made me very happy. Drake and Ian are hot, hot, hot and they are getting added to my list of favorite couples. There's just something about each of them, individually, and then how amazing they are together that totally won me over. This second installment in the series is definitely my favorite so far, but I am eagerly looking forward to the next book. 


Reviewed by Christy

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