Lord of Endersley

S.A. Meade

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

Full of action, drama, adventure, love, heartbreak and loss. The details of India’s landscape were amazing. The battles short and bloody. The way Marcus and Jacob loved each other was as breathtaking as was the heartache at its untimely loss. Fantastic read.

  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Books

S.A. Meade’s writing is exactly what I have come to expect from this wonderful author, it’s eloquent, with a timeless flair that’s both gritty and romantic. Both characters are compelling, and even the secondary characters like Samir are beautifully written. The story is written mainly from Jacobs POV and the timeline is realistic, with the strict confines of Victorian Society laid out simply, plainly to see. The first 50% of the book is set in India, the rest back in England as both men, particularly Marcus struggle to see a way forward. All the secret stolen moments don’t make up for the proper future Jacob wants. I was routing for a happy ending throughout the book but couldn’t see one until Jacob made his inspired move.


I adored this book, as a historical novel it accurately reflects what life was like for two gay men in Victorian times, and is highly recommended for that alone, but also for the wonderful story, perfect for anyone who loves a mix of angst, danger and regret with their history.


Reviewed by Josie

  Review by The Blogger Girls



Gah!  Another S.A. Meade book that made me cry!  Its like the woman knows just what buttons to push to make me grab the tissues.  


I TOTALLY cried my eyes out with “the letter”.  Then I read it over two more times and cried again! Then I took a break and did an hour on the treadmill.  When I came back to it, Jacob was back at Endersley…and by this point I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!  I wanted to choke both their stubborn arses!  But oh god the feels!!  There was so much passion and tenderness and sweetness…how could I not cheer for Jacob and Marcus’s HEA even when they wouldn’t see to their own happiness?  Well, the ending was totally adorable and cute and I’m 99.99% certain that Marcus will never run away again, but there’s still that 0.01%…


I did find myself wanting to know more about Samir… just goes to prove that household servants are never blind, deaf and stupid! 

  Review by Customer

I have to say that I was impressed with S.A. Meade's writing. It's nicely descriptive without being over the top...The romance trundles along nicely...Overall I enjoyed reading this, and I gobbled it up wholesale which is a good sign believe you me! I think that anyone who's looking for a well-written romance will love this. I look forward to the next parts.

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

Lord of Endersley' is historical romance at its best. Written with a sophisticated, lyrical flair, it places the reader right in the middle of the joys and confines of Victorian culture and history. Its marvelously created characters expertly define wh

  Review by Customer

I discovered the writing of S.A. Meade through our mutual participation in a forum on Absolute Write. She writes exclusively m/m erotic romance, many of which are historical, and after reading a few of her stories I was hooked, which is really saying something, because I'm not a huge fan of historicals...This is the kind of book that draws you in and makes you care about these vivid characters so much that you'd want to read it without the erotica being involved at all.

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