Bailey Bradford

Customer & Industry Reviews of Isaiah

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  Review by Mi8chelle

Great story. Loved the confrontation scenes. Such a fantastic addition to the Leopard's Spots series.

  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

The conflict within the story added excitement as well as a air of mystery...Anytime I find myself sympathizing with not only the heroes but also the people acting as obstacles of their love I am automatically intrigued...While this was the first story

  Review by Ecata Sensual Reviews

Bailey Bradford introduces a new twist on the shifter stories. As we look at this new twist, it is reminiscent of our historical past...Enjoy Isaiah by Bailey Bradford and be prepared to be surprised, charmed and yet at the same time, get your heart p

  Review by Rainbow Book Reviews

I loved the characters here. I find Isaiah and Bae to be the most captivating of the group so far. And Isaiah with his spirituality and humble outlook charmed me immediately. I really like where Bradford is taking this series...

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