Facing the Truth

S. Dora

Customer & Industry Reviews of Facing the Truth

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  Review by Mrs Condit Reads Books

Tom and Isaac are absolutely wonderful. Tom asks Isaac for an afternoon of erotic delights, wanting nothing more than to feel the thrill. Isaac, wanting to keep his young lover happy, agrees. What happens confuses them both, making the morning after awkward because it forces them to face the truth. They truly enjoyed it, but now wonder where to go from here.


This isn’t a story about an established Dom/sub relationship. This is two men who love each other and want to add a new angle to their lives. It works on so many levels. To see them building toward something together is sweet and awkward and so fulfilling.


Reviewed by Lucky 

  Review by Sid Love

This was a really sweet story about a nice couple that doesn’t want to be the typical dom/sub, in as much as they want to explore that on their own terms.  Quite enjoyable and recommended for those somewhat new to BDSM stories.


Reviewed by Jen

  Review by Customer

a rather sweet, very short novella. The initial scene, which takes up a little more than half the book, is hot and richly detailed. It's rather vanilla BDSM, but it fits what beginners would do as they're just trying things out. There's a bit of fumbling, with neither Dom nor sub staying entirely within their roles, but it all feels natural...It's a good read for those that like their sex both sweet and spicy.

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

This story deals with two men who embark on a journey that requires a level of trust beyond that of most relationships...I liked the way this book sketches the beginning of a road to a sub/Dom relationship. One that is born form love and mutual trust,

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