Naughty Nibbles

Christy Lockhart, SL Majors & Sierra Cartwright

Customer & Industry Reviews of Naughty Nibbles

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  Review by Beverly Albin

This book was exceptional. I rate it 5*****. Every story is different, and all of them are so hot they're "scorching"...I enjoyed this book immmensely! These authors are excellent. Every story had a "flavour" of its own. It is extremely well written and will be on my top 10 list. I highly recommend this book!

  Review by Romance Junkies Reviews

5 out of 5! Recommended Read These three authors have contributed to one of the best erotic anthologies I've ever read. Each brings two stories, filled with sexy premises and talented, strong writing. A job well done, ladies, for creating a very m

  Review by Jenny

Everyday In A Letter was amazing. I loved the suspense! I could barely imagine what Maghan was going through. Every letter just built the suspense even more! This book was amazing!

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