The Next Generation

D.J. Manly

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Next Generation

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  Review by MM Good Book Reviews

a perfect example of a well written sweaty Gladiators who are glistening in oil, flexing their muscles, wearing little loin clothes, rubbing up against other hot sweaty gladiators and...

  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

This book has an overabundance of action and sex...The high quality in the descriptive details really made this story a winner for me.This was an A plus read that I think all D.J. Manly fans will enjoy.

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

I loved the book for the strong characters and the amazing setting which made me feel, once again, that I was back in ancient Greece. But that message, in the way this story told it, was what made me totally adore this series � and this fourth book was

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