Paper Valentine

A.J. Llewellyn

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In this AJ Llewellyn novel we meet Samuel and Jude. Both men fit the classic image you would have of London in the 1840's. Samuel and his Brother Aldon are printers and hatch an idea to make paper Valentines for the people of London and sell them in their shop. Amidst this Samuel's very pregnant sister in law Geneve tries as she feels is her duty to play match maker. What she and Samuels brother fails to realize is the grieving widower Jude has found love again but in the arms of someone who in all actuality could get him killed. In order for gay men to meet others some dressed as woman in places that were called Molly Houses. In the end confessions are made and promises kept. But the Question remains do Jude and Samuel get their Happy ending or will fear rule their hearts? It warmed my heart from the very first page. Jude's and Samuel's struggle was palatable and heart breaking at times. You honestly felt what the characters were feeling. You hurt for them when they hurt and you yearned for them when they yearned for each other. This is honestly something that is sometimes lacking in more mainstreamed books. I feel AJ has once again out done himself.

  Review by Queer Magazine Online

This is a very special story. Tender, gentle, mostly leisurely and slow like the less hectic period it's set in, it nevertheless grabbed my attention on page one and didn't let me go until the end...The emotions and situations are so vivid, it was as i

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