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Jambrea Jo Jones - BTS feature

I’m a pretty lucky person, especially when it comes to radio contest. Throughout the years I have won a few things. Some small, a couple large. I’ve won enough money to buy a furniture set and I won a trip to Las Vegas. Those are two of my favorite prizes.

When I’d won the Vegas trip, it was the first time I’d been to Sin City. I was married at the time and it was a trip for two. We didn’t travel too much because, frankly, we just didn’t have the money. It was a last minute kind of trip and I was lucky I had a great boss because it was late enough in the year, I’d used up all my days of vacation. It was cold where I’m at, so I was looking forward to going somewhere warm.

Jambrea Jo Jones - USA Today

oyce: Welcome to HEA, Jambrea! Please tell us a bit about your new release, Vegas Sin.

Jambrea: Vegas Sin is a story that takes place in the Totally Five Star world. The backdrop is a wonderfully luxurious hotel. I wanted to make mine a suspense story. I love writing action novels. My characters are a former Army MP (military police) and a detective on the Vegas police force. They meet when women are being kidnapped around different hotels in Las Vegas.

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