In the News: Welcome to Lobster Cove

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Carol Lynne - Rainbow Book Reviews featured author

Has it been everything you thought it would be or not?
Writing has changed my life. Not only am I lucky enough to write for a living, but I have so many incredible people in my life that I would have never met without getting into this business.

Carol Lynne - BTSe feature

Welcome to Lobster Cove has been featured in this month's BTSe Mag!

Carol Lynne - Author Spotlight feature

What can we expect from the new Lobster Cove series? 

I have a page of interesting characters to introduce, and I’m so excited to write their stories. There will be a mix of gay, bi-sexual and transgender residents in Lobster Cove, and I plan to write them all happily-ever-afters.

Carol Lynne - Divine Magazine featured author for May

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m the mother of two teenage girls. I started writing to escape a bad marriage because I knew I was the only one who could pull myself out of the pit I found myself in. I’m happy to say it was the best thing for myself and my girls.

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