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Trina Lane - Trina Lane's promotional video for Turkish Delights

Trina Lane - Blog tour stop with MM Good Book Reviews

Yesterday I was telling you all a little bit about how Istanbul was chosen as the location for my latest novelTurkish Delights. Today I wanted to talk more specifically about the hotel, Beyoğlu Ottoman Boutique, that I designed for the story.

Trina Lane - Exclusive author feature

This book is the part of our new Totally Five Star imprint. What drew you to write for this imprint?

When the submission call came out I was nearly finished with one novel and looking to start another. I was intrigued by the aspect of using a luxury hotel as the primary backdrop for an entire love story. There are so many ways this can be interpreted as I’m sure you’ll see with other releases in the imprint. I had a lot of fun just thinking about all the possibilities of how this one project was going to affect the rest of my men’s lives.

Trina Lane - BTSe Mag featured book

Turkish Delights is a featured book in this month's edition of BTSe Mag.

Trina Lane - Divine Magazine featured author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a raven haired, porcelain skinned beauty with eyes that pierce the soul. I’m able to enrapture men with a single touch or glance. I live in an enchanted fortress amidst the trees high in the mountains…. Oh wait you mean in reality? Okay then I’m actually a Missouri native of… let’s say older than thirty and younger than fifty years. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have one son who just turned two. I’m passionate about fine arts and science which makes for a personality combination that typically leaves people slightly confused. I work a full-time everyday job in the health field and escape to the written word when the sun goes down.

Turkish Delights Book Trailer

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