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Morticia Knight - ARe Cafe Pick of the Week

Biking Bad has been chosen as Pick of the Week at ARe Cafe.

Morticia Knight - Blog tour stop with GGR Review

When I lived in the San Jacinto Mountains right above Palm Springs, California – there was a highway that wound up from the desert floor. Highway 74 is an amazing scenic ride with lots of twists and turns that ends in the picturesque town of Idyllwild. Even Brad Pitt used to ride his bike there and one of the locals had his picture taken with him when Brad stopped by his convenience store for a pack of cigarettes.

Morticia Knight - Hard Riders Exclusive

Did you enjoy fleshing out the biker gangs, naming them and giving them their own agenda?

Absolutely. Although, I will admit that many times character names and titles are a chore for me. I felt more freedom with this story somehow, and the names came to me easily. I also incorporated Luc’s MC name – Zero – into what I thought was a touching moment at the end.

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