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Writing Tarot’s Touch gave me a great excuse for researching the history of the cards – a subject I’ve always been fascinated by. Playing cards were in eastern culture as early as the 10th century however these eastern cards were a lot different to those found in Europe. The name ‘Tarot’ itself has been described as Egyptian, Hebrew, Latin, and Italian. It is most likely that the word used to describe the cards has Italian origins. The Italian word for cards is ‘Tarocchi’ which comes from the Valley of Taro River north of Italy. This is where some believe the cards originated in the 15th century.

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How do you go about writing the BDSM elements in your books?

Research! Not personally though. I have good friends in the lifestyle and they are very willing to try out new toys and report back. There are lovely people out there in internet land who are appreciative of authors who portray BDSM in a positive way and are very happy to offer insights and advice. It’s a really great community. 

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